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Research and intelligence serve several crucial purposes in public relations practice. These activities are crucial for creating communication strategies for interacting meaningfully and significantly to manage relationships with key audiences.

We view public relations research and intelligence as integral components of our strategic planning and execution of communication efforts for our clients. By gathering relevant data and insights, we can make informed decisions, craft focused messages, and build and maintain positive relationships with key audiences.

Our data-driven, proactive strategy helps make our communications efforts successful and impactful, much to the delight of our clients.



Our primary role is building, promoting, and protecting the reputation of our clients. We do this by creating and implementing communication strategies to create a positive perception for our clients among its target audience.

We follow definitive steps requiring strategic thinking, creativity, and adaptability to effectively navigating the ever-changing media landscape to execute effective brand marketing PR practices that contribute to building a positive brand image, increasing brand awareness, and fostering lasting connections.

Working alongside other marketing disciplines to create a unified and impactful brand presence, our brand marketing PR practice aims to enhance brand awareness, credibility, and loyalty using appropriate communication channels.



Digital marketing and communications are crucial components of enhancing effective communication in the 21st century. The integration of digital strategies offers several benefits that contribute to a more dynamic, targeted, and measurable approach to communication.

Through digital marketing and communication practice, we help our clients reach a broader audience, engage and influence target audiences with defined demography in real-time, and measure the impact of their communication efforts more effectively.



In today’s fast-paced, intricate connections and blurred lines defined by constant change and uncertainty, organizations face a myriad of challenges that can potentially disrupt their operations, reputation, and relationships with stakeholders.

An essential component of our public relations practice is crisis management, which involves proactively addressing and mitigating the effects of unforeseen circumstances or events that can damage our clients’ reputations.

Our crisis management practice framework, designed for brands in a VUCA environment, helps our clients respond effectively to crises to protect their reputation and minimize the long-term impact on the brand and stakeholders’ relationships.



Media and journalists play a pivotal role in agenda setting, gatekeeping, shaping opinions, and holding brands accountable. Understanding and managing the dynamics of these intricate activities is crucial for brand building and shaping reputation.

Media relations is a crucial component of our public relations practice, focusing on building and maintaining positive relationships between our clients and the media. We recognize the media as a strategic partner for their role in ensuring accurate and favorable coverage of our clients’ activities, messages, and initiatives.

Our robust media relations practice helps our clients gain positive press and give journalists access to first-hand information, positioning our clients as trustworthy information sources.



Financial Public Relations (Financial PR) is a specialized area of public relations that focuses on managing the relationship between a company and its various stakeholders, including investors, analysts, regulators, and the financial media. The goal is to build a positive reputation an organization within the financial community.

We work closely with executives, financial analysts, legal teams, and other stakeholders to develop and implement communication strategies that enhance our client’s reputation and build investor confidence.



Our event management practice involves planning, organizing, and executing events to achieve specific communication and relationship-building objectives.

Over the years, we have successfully executed our clients’ events, including press events, seminars, business conferences, summits, galas, product launches, and exhibitions, from start to finish. We oversee all logistics, including managing finances, personnel, and suppliers leading up to the event and teardown for our clients.

Our event management practice involves meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a strategic approach to achieve the set outcomes. Our events provide valuable opportunities to connect with stakeholders, generate media coverage, and create memorable experiences that enhance our clients’ reputations.



Handling our clients’ interactions with regulators, policymakers, and government is the focus of our public affairs communications. We assist in building relationships with government and regulatory bodies and managing issues related to public affairs.

The terrain requires a deep understanding of the political landscape, regulatory environment, and dynamics of public policy. We deploy strategic communication approaches to navigate the corridor of power and manage complex issues that contribute to our clients’ reputations in the public affairs arena.



Upticomm strongly believe that employees are the most valuable assets of an organization. Therefore, it is important to invest in their growth and development to sharpen their abilities, knowledge, and experience to add value to their lives and the organisation’s success.


We are involved in enhancing and optimizing the skills, knowledge, abilities, and overall capacity of individuals within an organization. Our goal is to create a skilled, motivated, and high-performing workforce that contributes to the organization’s success.

Our faculty is composed of skilled speakers and industry experts. Every training they facilitate is enhanced by their unique perspectives and real-world experience.

We specialize in communication, leadership, personal development, and digital communication training, including the annual Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit.